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Hi I'm Ra

Last year my sister came to live with me while she studied Outdoor Education and Sustainability. She had some stuff to say about my habits, mostly plastic wrap. It has kicked off a desire to really reduce my waste in the kitchen. I love to cook and have a little garden that I call 'survival of the fittest'.

Where we live we get three big bins to fill up, a green waste bin that goes to the dump weekly, a rubbish bin that is straight to landfill and a yellow bin for recycling (those two take turns each week). This system means my waste is a pretty much out of sight, out of mind operation.

I want to change that. I get huge satisfaction out of cooking healthy, seasonal food, sometimes growing it and I've found a surprising amount of enjoyment in starting up a home compost system. I was skeptical about beeswax wraps but they work. This site is to share things I make that can be shared with other people (or in other words, purchased - thank you!) and also to share things I learn along the way, it might inspire someone else, I don't know. Or just make things easier. I think we can start small, that the little things do add up. There is joy in it too, so why the heck not.

I'll put recipes on Instagram, mostly so I can keep track, Thanks for visiting. If you have something to say or an idea to share please do.

This photo and the rose one on the home page by the wonderful Elise Terry Photography.

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