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Sister Wraps are an alternative to plastic wrap. You can use them to cover and wrap foods. The wax softens with the warmth of your hands. They can be handwashed in cold water. 

They are made using cotton that is infused with a mixture of NZ beeswax with a little damar resin and jojoba oil. They are handmade with a zero waste philosophy so they have a little character. I try and use offcuts, ends and bits of fabric that might otherwise not get used up so it is unlikely there will be more than one pack of the same.


The wraps are finished with pinking shears to prevent fraying and the little offcuts make great firestarters. They get heated again after this. You can totally cut them to suit if you want smaller wraps, normal shears are fine you just might find the edges fray slightly in time.


The wrap sizes in the 3 pack are approximately (no smaller than this):

Small 24cm x 24cm - Bright Green Daisy
Medium 24cm x 38cm - Dark Forest Green
Large 32cm x 38cm - Honeycomb Mustard


Wraps will last a long time in a busy kitchen, up to a year. They can be refreshed in a one hundred degree oven for a few minutes but the wax is messy! Best to only do this if you have experience making beeswax wraps or please get in touch and I can give pointers or organise for them to be sent to me and I can refresh for you. Or you can cut old wraps in to strips, roll in to balls and use as firestarters.


I reccommend avoiding using them with meat or foods that might stick to them, best to have a little space between the food and the wrap to keep it clean unless it is cheese, veg or bread like a sandwich. I use a little dishwash liquid in lukewarm water to wash and dry out fully before storing and find this works well.


I made these wraps because I wanted to give up plastic wrap myself and just really enoy making and using them. If you have a question, feedback or request I would truly love to hear from you. 

Sister Wraps 3 Pack Beeswax Wraps - Honeycomb, Forest Green & Daisy

  • NZ only. Postage is included in the price.

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